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Polar 3D offers the first affordable and practical, precision 3D printing solution for home, schools and colleges. The Polar 3D printer is the world's first 3D Printer based on polar coordinates. This radical design innovation enables an open-view and round, rotatable, slideable build platform that delivers four times the build volume at 75% less cost than competitors.

The Polar 3D printer's elegant design simplicity, quiet operation, built-in 1080P wide-angle HD time-lapse camera, high-quality prints and safety features make it unparalleled in the 3D printing industry.

The Polar3D printer is more than just a printer. It's a set of powerful proprietary software products and services, easy to setup and use. And the affordable price makes it perfect for the home or the classroom.

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The 3D parts we created look as good as ones we've printed on $4,000 printers.

3D Printer Analyst Review - Tracy Hazzard

The Polar 3D Printer impressed us with its simplicity, build volume, proprietary cloud software, quiet operation, and safety features.

Review by 3D Printer Analyst Tom Hazzard

The narrow footprint, simplicity of the hardware, quality print results and powerful web-based printing control software are impressive

Maker Club Review

This printer is hard to beat, especially for the price. We recommend it, especially for students and first-time users.

3D Print Analyst Review - Hazzard Design

I highly recommend it. I'm excited about how the unique radial design has simplified the mechanics and how the web-based printing control truly makes life easier.

Maker Club Review

The iPhone of 3D Printers!

Consumer Electronics Show Commentator

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3D Printers for Home, Schools and Colleges
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